iOS Concurrency with GCD & Operations

Sep 12 2023 · Swift 5.8, macOS 13, iOS 16, Xcode 14.3

Part 3: Operations & OperationQueues

16. OperationQueues

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In this video you’ll discover that the real power of Operations is when you add them to an OperationQueue. Instead of starting the operation yourself, you’ll hand it over to an operation queue and let it handle scheduling and execution.

let printerQueue = OperationQueue() // pause at ( to show initializer
duration {
  printerQueue.addOperation { print("Hello"); sleep(3) }
  printerQueue.addOperation { print("my"); sleep(3) }
  printerQueue.addOperation { print("name"); sleep(3) }
  printerQueue.addOperation { print("is"); sleep(3) }
  printerQueue.addOperation { print("Audrey"); sleep(3) }
(in side pane: duration 0.0001649856567382812)
duration {
duration 3.006882905960083 <in side pane> 
printerQueue.maxConcurrentOperationCount = 2
duration 9.008874893188477 <in side pane>