Fuad Kamal

Fuad provides mobile strategy, architecture & development for the Health & Fitness markets. He is the author of The Kotlin Book: an introduction to Android development for iOS Developers, and author and technical editor on other Kotlin / Android books and articles from raywenderlich.com. If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve likely seen his work - the flight arrival and departure screens are a Flash 7 interface he wrote towards the beginning of the millennium. Over the years he’s taught at many colleges, covering a huge variety of subjects from Anatomy & Physiology to Mobile Design & Development. He has also been the official photographer for a number of tech conferences.

When he’s not knee deep in Swift or Kotlin, Fuad enjoys martial arts and racing with Team Velocipede.

Fuad has often applied principles he learned from his study of the martial arts to mentoring others as well as taking a unique approach to problem-solving. He has found that quite often, the barriers we set before us are more mental than anything else, and the key to overcoming them lies in understanding this concept.